The EURO DIY Wall Bed can be slept in within 1 hour of installation. Cabinetry is not needed for the Wall Bed to function. This Wall Bed comes in standard Single, Double and Queen sizes to suit your Mattress sizes (Maximum Mattress depth of 20cm). Therefore, you can use your own mattress to economize. This Wall Bed is European made with a 5 Year long warranty.  

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One of the differences between the EURO DIY and the other Wall Bed Mechanisms is that the EURO DIY Mechanism hinges on the bed frame whilst the brackets are mounted to the floor, rather than it mounting onto the cabinetry.

This also means that the EURO DIY can be easily installed into an existing cupboard or wardrobe. A choice of suitable doors for this Mechanism is either Bi-Fold doors or French doors. The sliding door can be used, if there is enough space for the mechanism to come down without it hitting the door.

Basic tools and knowledge are the only two things needed for the EURO DIY Wall Bed Mechanism Option.

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